UNDATEC Flow Measurement Solutions GbR

FDL400 - Flow Data Logger

Flow Data Logger 400 - ATEX certified - data recording to SD card. The FDL400 system is suitable for flow measurement in partially or fully filled ducts or pipes. The evaluation is carried out by the flow formula Q = VA.

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A canal floor mounted, combined measuring sensor, the flow speed V detected in m / s according to the Doppler principle. About a sound beam that shines against the flow direction in the medium, the speed is detected and further processed in the processor.

The integrated pressure sensor measures the filling height in meters. With this value the respective segment wetted area will turn the processor after a pre-programmed channel profile calculated in square meters. The two multiplicand give the sum Q in l / s.

The programming of all required data via the accessible on the front panel 16x keyboard. In clear 4 line display the individual values ​​flow rate, level, flow and volume appear. A convenient control way of measurement is ensured.

The measurement sensor is supplied with 13 VDC supplied by the evaluation, the two values ​​for flow rate and liquid level sensor directly as possible on 4-20 mA signal is available. This allows the transmitter to be mounted to the installation site on the canal in almost any distance. Without any further installation work only satisfies the extension cable of the probe.

The biggest advantage of this measuring system is again the easy installation in existing channel structures without taking measures on site, as well as the ability to measure in backwater area by detecting the flow rate.


UDL4 is an autonomous, off-grid, low power multichannel data logger with internal power supply via a special non-flammable and / or exploitable LIFEPO4 high capacity battery (3.2V / 45AH). Depending on the application, an extremely long battery life of up to 5 years is possible.

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By external connection, the battery can be charged at any time via the supplied battery charger.

Furthermore, the operation of additional external power sources such as solar panels or similar. possible.

With the GPRS connection, unlimited access via the Internet to all information in real time is possible from anywhere at any time.

The appropriate software allows remote parameterization, alarming, limit value monitoring and calculation of all parameters.

The datalogger has the ability to capture readings from a variety of sensors and transmit them via GPRS. Data is transferred to our cloud-based data portal. The UDL4 guarantees the highest possible availability and data availability with automatic network change in case of failure of the currently used network. There is no provider dependency, even when relocating

All sensors in the UNDATEC product range can be connected to the UDL4.

Add-ons and Sensors for the FDL400 and UDL4

DSM2420A - Combined sensor for velocity and level measuring

The sensor DSM 2420 is a combined sensor for the measurement of flow rate and liquid level in open or closed, but accessible channels all types and shapes.

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LCB24 - Lightning Conductor Box

The lightning conductor box LCB24 is designed to protect sensors, which are located in free and/or unprotected environment against lightning damage. At the same time the demand for necessities explosion protection may exist when sensors are mounted in an environment with an explosive atmosphere.

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LT1420 - Level Transducer

The LT1420 sensor is available for level measurement in water or waste water. This sensor has a stainless steel body and a capacitive ceramic pressure cell.

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LT0420 - Level Transducer

The low-cost level sensor for almost all applications in water and waste water. Excellent due to high accuracy and stability as well as low volume.

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RFLM1510 - Non-Contact Discharge Radar

Non-contact discharge measurement by means of radar technology for open rivers. The RFLM1510 is a sensor for continuous discharge measurement of rivers, open channels and canals with known cross-section profile. The sensor uses innovative radar technology to measure velocity, water level and discharge. It enables reliable, non-contact measurement without the need for structural work in the water.

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ULM53Xi - Ultrasonic Level Meter

For continuous level measurement of liquids (even if polluted), mash and paste materials in open or closed vessels, sumps, open channels, etc. The ULM53Xi ultrasonic level meters are compact measurement devices containing an ultrasonic transmitter and an electronic module.

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RLS30 - Radar Level Sensor

The RLS30 is the ideal sensor for all applications in water and sewage water applications. It is particularly suitable for use in water processing, pump stations as well as overflow basins, for flow measurement in open flumes and gauge monitoring. The RLS30 is an economical solution through versatile and simple mounting options. The flood-proof IP 68 housing ensures a maintenance-free permanent operation.

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